Look what I found!

Hi friends! I hope you have had wonderful Christmas time! Every piece of sea glass is unique and adorable, but sometimes you may find something Super Extra Ordinary!

very rare sea glass

We have made one sea glass pendant which has a little bit strange shape …

big white sea glass pendant

Then few days ago on the beach my eye picked something Super exciting …

wow sea glass

It looks like a piece of ice in shape of flower. When hb saw it, he said that the pendant we have made, is from this kind of piece!

sea glass flower

No doubt that they are from same kind of glass items … what that has been remains still mystery. I hope one day we find out what this Extra ordinary sea glass piece has been.

amazing sea glass

I have add some photos from our studio – look the page ‘Studio’. I have wrote Information about sea glass on the page ‘Sea Glass’ and also  little bit about us on the page ‘About’. There will be more photos and Information.

Thank you for your visit! Happy NEW Year!



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