Sea Glass

What is Sea Glass?
Sea Glass begins as bottles and glass items and salty sea water, sand, stones and waves thumbles them to smoothed and drifted sea glass. It may take over 30 years to become well smoothed sea glass. The first quality sea glass piece doesn’t have shine spots, it is frosted and smoothed around without sharp corners. The frosty look with little “c” shaped patterns is a process made only by nature and cannot be dublicated by any machine. There are of course different levels of pitting due to the conditions of the area and the PH level of the water. In the areas with rocks and coarser sand the glass will have more pitting and frosting. Sea Glass becomes more rare and difficult to find because glass is not used anymore so much as earlier and because of the recycling.
 Sea Glass or Beach Glass?
Sea Glass is from the sea and Beach Glass is from the fresh water sources.
 Where to find Sea Glass?
Sea Glass can be found on beaches where are stones, shells, pebbles and flotsam. Sea Glass gets smoothed and thrilled sooner where the water PH is higher and the beach more rough. Each Sea Glass piece in our collection is genuine, as we have picked them by our selves from the beaches in Greece.
The Colours of Sea Glass
The colour of the sea glass is the main variable for ranking the rareness and value.
Common Colours: white, green, brown
Unique Colours: olive greens, pale ambers
Rare Colours: seafoam green (light greens), pale aquas, amber, rarer greens
Very Rare: cobalt blue, lavendar, aqua, light blue, lime green
Extremely Rare: Red, orange, yellow, gray, teal, pink, aqua, opaque glass (milk white)
Treasure Chest Colours: those pieces of glass that are so unique and usually have a pattern or shape of the original source (i.e. multi coloured glass, pattern glass, old glass tiles, bottle stoppers, embossed glass pieces, marbles

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