Hi! It’s almost always sunny here in Crete …

Honey Amber Sea Glass by Trikimia

Honey Amber Sea Glass by Trikimia

But today it’s not, strong wind and rain keeps me inside. Photographing is not easy today so I shall write. Soon there will be Information about sea glass on the up page and I add often photos to our Gallery page.

Sea Pottery Pendant by Trikimia

Sea Pottery Pendant by Trikimia

I really enjoy photographing! I take photos in different places and with other backgrounds and colours. Sea Glass and Sea Pottery is a challenge to shoot as the light can change the look very much.

Sea glass Treasure

Sea Glass Treasure by Trikimia

They are magic pieces and often you have a hidden treasure! This is the same ‘honey amber piece’ like in the first photo!

Sea Pottery is an other adventure … this is my ‘Lucky Bird’ pendant …

'Lucky Bird' by Trikimia

‘Lucky Bird’ by Trikimia

When I found this piece, I really loved the flowers on it. It’s quite strange piece because the flowers are like through the pottery and show on the other side as well. When I was turning the piece on my hand I saw the sleeping bird! Do you see it? My friend saw here flying bird and trees!  Now I like to think that this is my ‘Lucky Bird’!

Bird Pendant by Trikimia

Bird Pendant by Trikimia

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed your visit!



4 responses to “Pendants

  1. What an eye you have for photographing your work. They all look beautiful — they are, of course beautiful, but you present them in such a winsome way .

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